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Planning & Project Tools

Identifying, developing and tracking progress on projects, targets and actions are key measures for public sector organisations. These measures enable organisational transparency, drive change and help demonstrate compliance with Public Bodies Duties. The resources featured below have been developed by SSN or our partners.


SSN Action Groups

Over the course of 2019, SSN members established three Action Groups focussing on governance, finance and reporting. The groups worked to harness the knowledge and experience of the network, identify practical resources for members and make strategic recommendations to a wider audience. Some of the outcomes of each group are available below.


Governance Action Group


Lorna Jarvie shares learnings from the group and resources created to support public sector organisations.

Finance Action Group


The Finance Action Group has developed tools for SSN members to help accelerate learning and understanding.

Reporting Action Group


The Reporting Action Group shares their member discussions and findings.

Public Bodies Climate Change Duties (PBCCD)

From this year, the Scottish Government will be managing Public Bodies Climate Change Duties (PBCCD) reporting submissions.

Due to technical changes the ProcXed platform is not available for 2020. Public bodies can submit their PBCCD reports through any of the following methods:

1. Public bodies can choose to submit an updated version of last year’s report. A copy of your body’s report can be downloaded from the Sustainable Scotland Network website.

2. Public bodies can submit a one-year report using this spreadsheet template.

3. Public bodies may choose to submit a report that meets the requirements of 2015 Reporting Duties but which may not be in a standard format.

Reporting Deadline

Completed reports should be sent to by the 30 November deadline.

For any queries relating to this year’s reporting please contact More information can be found on the Scottish Government webpage.

Local Authority Forum

The Local Authority Forum aims to meet once a month to provide a meeting space for Local Authority members to network, hear updates fresh from the Steering Group meeting including Scottish Government news, CoSLA, SEON, COP26, and senior leadership groups such as the Climate Emergency Action Group.

An important aspect of Local Authority Forums is knowledge exchange, peer learning with members helping shape network activity to improve member experience and benefits. We encourage members to raise and share what matters to you, your organisation, colleagues and partners on delivering climate action, improving sustainability and advising how the implementation of the SSN Strategy can help empower members - both individually and collectively.


Useful documents


Useful reports and document for Local Authority members.

Local Authority Forum meetings


Summary of meetings, including presentations and topic discussions.