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Climate Ready Public Sector

Support for Public Sector Organisations

Adaptation Scotland is excited to share that the Adaptation Capability Framework is now live for use online along with a number of other resources to support public sector organisations to adapt to our changing climate and build resilience.

Capability Framework

The Adaptation Capability Framework is underpinned by tasks that help organisations progress across the four capabilities. The web based version of the Framework contains further guidance on each of the tasks as well as links to supporting resources, tools, templates and relevant case studies.

Getting Started

The Starter Pack provides detailed guidance on the Starting maturity stage tasks of the Adaptation Capability Framework. It is for professionals with limited prior knowledge of adaptation or for those working in organisations where adaptation work is in the very early stages; however, it will also be useful for organisations that have progressed adaptation, to review and reflect on any steps they may need to revisit. Tasks and accompanying templates help you complete the first stage needed to progress to the rest of the Framework.

Assessing progress

The Benchmarking Tool helps assess your organisation’s current adaptation capabilities and how they progress over time. It identifies which capabilities your organisation is excelling at and which require further development, to help track action and plan future adaptation work. 

Adaptation Scotland is establishing a Benchmarking Working Group who will work together over the next two years to utilise the Adaptation Capability Framework in their organisations, Benchmark their progress and share their learnings with the group.  This will enable peer support for your adaptation activities and the refinement of the Benchmarking tool. If you are interested in further information on this please email

Evaluate and assess risk

To support organisations to undertake a climate change risk assessment, Adaptation Scotland has developed ‘Connecting climate risk and strategic priorities – guide to strategic climate change risk assessments’ to evaluate strategic climate risks across your organisation or for key services  asset portfolios.  In addition, Climate Ready Clyde and Adaptation Scotland collaborated to produce ‘A changing climate for development – a toolkit to support consideration of climate risk in built environment and infrastructure projects’  a toolkit for assessing and addressing risks in the development of infrastructure, built environment and regeneration projects, from early screening to risk assessments and adaptation planning

Professional development & practice

ALE is a community of practice for professionals working in or with the public sector who are interested in working collaboratively to create a climate ready Scotland. Members have access to training and support, and the opportunity to network and learn from people working in adaptation across different sectors and organisations.  

We’ll be offering in-person and online training opportunities that will cover a wide range of adaptation topics, including:

To stay informed about further adaptation conversations and opportunities to attend training and events, you can sign up for the Adaptation Scotland’s Adaptation Learning Exchange (ALE) by contacting  You can also sign up for the Adaptation Scotland Newsletter for updates on adaptation action in Scotland and internationally.