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National Public Health body: 'Public Health Scotland' Consultation

08 July 2019 to 08 July 2019


Consultation 29 May - 8 July

The focus in this consultation is on describing and seeking input on the role, functions and structure of a new Special Health Board to be called 'Public Health Scotland'. This will include some discussion of how the body will interact with other organisations and partnership frameworks.

Scottish Government want to ensure the new national body is designed in the best possible way to allow it to contribute to the whole public health system, both nationally and locally.

The proposed arrangements address the need to simplify the public health landscape at the national level; the need for better, more visible leadership and a stronger voice for the public’s health.

Public Health Scotland will have an important role in translating public health intelligence and evidence into policy and practice; and realising the value of data to influence ever more meaningful connections locally, nationally and with communities to improve health and wellbeing.

Read the consultation paper.

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