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Guidance: Part 4 Adaptation


Global climate change is already impacting how we live and work in Scotland – and this will increase as climate change continues to impact the environment. We are already experiencing increases in autumn and winter rainfall, increased heavy rainfall, sea level rise and long-term increases in temperature across all seasons. These changes are impacting all areas of life and will pose increasing challenges in the future. Taking early action to assess risks and adapt will help safeguard assets, infrastructure, services, communities and secure business continuity. This part of the report is for recording progress on adapting to climate change and documenting how climate change adaptation is integrated into the organisation’s functions and services.

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The following resources are available to help you complete this section:

Five Steps to Managing your Climate Risks provides operational guidance to managing climate risks. Developed by Adaptation Scotland in collaboration with public bodies from across Scotland, the guidance builds on experience to help organisations identify and manage climate risks.

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