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Climate Change Impact Assessment

A Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) Climate Change Impact Assessment (CCIA) Task and Finish Group has developed a practical guide for local authorities and other public bodies developing and implementing a Climate Change Impact Assessment process.

It should provide value to those starting with a blank piece of paper, but also provide useful context on progress made and advice on continual improvement for those who already have a process in place.

In the spirit of sharing knowledge, experience and best practice, the findings within this report are the result of collaboration between many climate change and sustainability practitioners from across the SSN’s membership who kindly volunteered their time to participate in its writing.

The group was chaired by Sam Ibbott (Climate Change Officer, East Renfrewshire Council) and had further support provided by the Improvement Service.

Importantly, this document is not static. It is based on current experience but is understood that many public bodies are at an early stage of developing and implementing climate change impact assessments. As the body of evidence grows as to what works, what doesn’t and what requires greater collaborative thinking, this document will evolve to meet updated needs.

Read the full report here.