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Climate Change Adaptation Resources

The main guide, Adapting universities and colleges to a changing climate: Making the case and taking action, provides a range of support, from an initial self-assessment on climate readiness and an example Elevator Pitch to use to communicate the need for investment in adaptation, to climate projections, examples of risks, opportunities and potential adaptation actions, and a compilation of resources to support action in your institution. This guide can be found here.

An accompanying guide, Using an existing organisational resilience framework to develop a Climate Change Adaptation Plan, provides advice on embedding climate change risks within existing risk and business continuity procedures at your institution. This guide provides step-by-step advice on running your own Business Impact Analysis workshops to evaluate the risks presented by climate change to key organisational functions, and deciding on the necessary actions to take to reduce any significant risks. The document presents a seven step process to develop a Climate Change Adaptation Plan (CCAP). This guide can be found here.

Additionally, case studies and example Adaptation Strategies and other relevant documents from universities and colleges around the UK are collated to provide further support. Find these linked at the bottom of this page.