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SSN provides evidence to NZET Committee

23 May 2023

On Tuesday 23rd May SSN Director George Tarvit joined colleagues from COSLA and SOLACE Scotland to provide evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Net Zero, Energy and Transport (NZET) Committee.

The evidence session was focused on the Scottish Government’s response to the NZET Committee Report on ‘The Role of Local Government and its Partners in Financing and Delivering a Net Zero Scotland’.

The session covered a wide range of issues, including the funding of local government climate actions, development of clear route maps for delivery, development of the Climate Intelligence Service, and LHEES, transport and community climate programmes, and the development of collaborative working between Scottish and Local Government on climate change.

The official report of the evidence session is available online, as well as the recording. Issues raised in the session will feed into the NZET Committees engagement with Scottish Ministers later in the year.

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