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Scottish Climate Intelligence Service

10 July 2024

Scottish Climate Intelligence Service

The Scottish Climate Intelligence Service (SCIS) works with Scotland’s 32 local authorities to help deliver climate action at a local level. The programme supports an area-wide approach to emissions reduction which considers greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across a geographic area.

The SCIS is delivered in partnership by the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute (ECCI), the Improvement Service (IS) and the Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) and jointly funded by the Scottish Government and 32 local authorities.

SSN and SCIS are working together to help build on existing services and ensure synergy of support to local authorities and their partners. SCIS harnesses the breadth of experience and ambition of its partners to improve delivery of its support services.

By bringing key climate professionals together, SSN improves alignment and collaboration across the public sector, while fostering better links with leadership, policy and research.

John Wincott, Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) Chair said:

“As Scotland’s public sector network on climate change, the Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) is excited to be a partner in the Scottish Climate Intelligence Service. It will provide much needed support to all local authorities, ensuring a consistent, high-quality approach to tackling area-wide emissions. Our SSN members across local authorities are the key users of the Scottish Climate Intelligence Service and are working to ensure its success.”

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