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Take on a ‘Mini Mission’ to Help Fight Climate Change in CW2018

24 September 2018

This Climate Week, Greener Scotland are inviting Scottish employers to become Super Heroes for Climate Week and encourage staff to walk to work to raise awareness on the benefits of ‘leaving the car, if it’s not far’. Part of the wider Greener Scotland campaign to raise awareness and encourage positive actions that make a big difference.

With new research from the Scottish Household Survey 2017 revealing 61% viewed climate change as an immediate and urgent problem, Greener Scotland is calling on the nation to take on ‘Mini Missions’ to help fight climate change.

Greener Scotland has teamed up with Scottish influencers to create a walk to work Spotify playlist - the first challenge in the series of ‘Mini Missions’. Search for ‘Greener Scotland’ on Spotify to find the ‘Walking Jams’ playlist.

Other ‘Mini Missions’ will take place over the next few months and are designed to promote the easy things Scottish households can do more of to be greener. From ditching the car to walk to washing your clothes at 30°c, and turning down the thermostat at home, small everyday changes done more often can help save the world and save money. Benefits can include:

Roseanna Cunningham, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, said:

“Tackling climate change can seem like a daunting task, so launching ‘Mini Missions’ is all about making easy, simple changes to our daily lives to make a big impact. Our first mission is calling on Scots to leave their car for shorter journeys and walk more often.”

For more tips and information on making greener choices visit For resources and tips on sharing with your organisation and staff download the Greener campaign toolkit here.

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