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Scotland's Climate Assembly

25 February 2021

Scotland's first citizens' assembly on climate change

Grounded in Scotland's Climate Change Act (2019), and with cross-party support, Scotland’s Climate Assembly is the first citizens’ assembly on climate change in Scotland, meeting to answer the question: ‘How should Scotland change to tackle the climate emergency in an effective and fair way?’.

Recommendations, based on evidence provided throughout the Assembly, are expected to cut across many policy areas, to ensure Scotland gets to net-zero by 2045. The final report, containing recommendations supported by the over one hundred Assembly Members, will be laid before Scottish Parliament in May; Government Ministers must publish a statement within 6 months, outlining how they will respond, just around the time of the Glasgow COP.

Evidence presented has drawn on an extensive range of ideas, considering how our homes & communities, diet & lifestyle and the way we travel & work needs to change.

In Weekend 4, Kathryn Dapré, chair of SSN, and Stuart Stevens, Scottish Fire & Rescue, provided evidence about how key services are tackling the climate emergency.

Evidence about the importance of low energy design in schools was presented by Jonathan Hines from Architype, who also returned to the Assembly in Weekend 5 to answer additional questions about Passivhaus design in the public sector.

The recommendations are expected to have a significant impact on climate change policy in Scotland. You can register to observe the Assembly here.

All resources are available on their website and YouTube. Follow Scotland’s Climate Assembly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date.

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