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Public sector leadership on the global climate emergency

8 November 2021

New Public Sector Climate Change Guidance

The Scottish Government and Sustainable Scotland Network have published new guidance designed to support Scotland’s public bodies in their leadership role tackling the global climate emergency.

The Public Sector Leadership on the Global Climate Emergency Guidance, provides an overview of policy areas, action plans and targets across key areas of emissions and climate action. It aims to support the strengthened statutory climate change reporting duties and the requirement for bodies to report including: leadership; robust, consistent and comprehensive carbon management; interpretations of the strengthened legislation; and resources available to support public bodies.

SSN worked closely with the Scottish Government to develop this new Guidance, with members of the Steering Group and staff working alongside Scottish Government officials to deliver this excellent resource.

While it can’t answer every question about our journey to Net Zero, it creates the basis upon which further guidance (including statutory guidance due in 2022/23) will be developed. We are also building the SSN Online Manual which will offer complementary advice and technical guidance across the range of challenges covered in the Guidance. John Wincott, SSN Chair

SSN will soon be launching an online manual offering complimentary guidance and advice. Join us at the SSN conference, 'COP26, What now?' on 8 December to find out more! Register here.

Please note, the new guidance does not affect reporting for 2020/21.

Download Public Sector Leadership on the Global Climate Emergency Guidance.

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