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The SSN Secretariat has added points and questions against each of the SCCAP 2 consultation questions to help you develop and consider your organisation’s response. Our points and sub questions are shown in italic and are intended as a helpful prompt and are not intended to unduly influence your own individual feedback.

Q1. Do you agree with our outcome-based approach to adaptation in Scotland?

Q2. Do you agree that a National Forum on Adaptation should be established to facilitate discussion on climate change adaptation?

In developing your response you may wish to consider:

Q3. Do you agree that climate change adaptation behaviours should be included in the Programme?

In developing your response you may wish to consider:

Q4. Do you agree that an integrated approach should be taken to monitoring and evaluation?


Q5. Do you agree with our long term vision for adapting to climate change in Scotland?

Q6. Does the Programme identify the right outcomes for Scotland over the next five years?

Q7. Are there any additional policies that should be included in the outcomes set out in the following pages?

Consider each outcome and the associated policies and proposals

Download the above questions and considerations as a pdf document here.

The Scottish Government wants to hear diverse views on the draft Programme. Your feedback will be used to develop the Programme for launch in Autumn 2019 – have your say by Tuesday 9 April 2019. Or contact for more information.

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