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CCC Progress Report

24 March 2024

CCC report warns Scotland's 2030 climate goals are no longer credible

Earlier this month, the Climate Change Committee (CCC)  published its latest Report to Parliament on the Progress in reducing emissions in Scotland

The report monitors Scotland's progress in reducing emissions and assesses the policies in place for delivering future emissions reductions. 

In this report, the CCC warns that the Scottish Government is failing to meet Scotland's climate ambitions and the 2030 climate goals are 'no longer credible'. The report also sets out priority recommendations to the Scottish Government that focus on the key actions needed to turn Scotland's ambitous targets into effective delivery and achieve the required levels of emissions reduction at the earliest date possible.

Professor Piers Forster, interim Chair of the Climate Change Committee:

“Scotland has laudable ambitions to decarbonise, but it isn’t enough to set a target; the Government must act. There are risks in all reviewed areas, including those with significant policy powers devolved to the Scottish Government.

“Scotland’s Climate Change Plan needs to be published urgently, so we can assess it. We need to see actions that will deliver on its future targets.”

Read the full report here.

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