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Sustainable Building 2019: Materials, technologies and skills for the future

25 April 2019


The Lighthouse

An Impact Engagement conference on sustainable building

Sustainability is a crucial factor within the modern construction process, in the creation of new homes, public buildings, commercial property, new communities and the infrastructure that serves them. This reflects a wider cultural prioritisation of low carbon, environmentally responsible credentials. Given the size and scale of activity within the Scottish construction sector at the moment and over the coming years, with sizeable public and private investment in private homes, commercial buildings, public buildings and spaces, affordable housing and social housing, improvements and innovations within this sector can have a dramatic impact on social and environmental objectives. These new developments will also drive expectation for these to be delivered to a high standard with contractors expected to add social, economic and environmental value.

This conference will consider the incorporation of sustainable principles within the process of new buildings and the retrofitting of existing stock, changes in public policy, the evolution and innovation of design, the development of new materials, the creation of jobs and apprenticeships to future proof the workforce.

Following on from last year’s conference, this event will bring together thought leaders from across Scotland and beyond to discuss the modernisation of construction practices and explore how innovative solutions can be used to improve sustainability and deliver lasting value.

The conference will also represent a unique forum for knowledge exchange, open discussion and cross-sector engagement while presenting an opportunity for delegates to engage with other thought leaders, potential partners, new clients and new suppliers.

SSN Director George Tarvit will speak on the topic of sustainable building and climate change, carbon accounting and sustainable development.

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