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Glasgow COP26 preview event

10 November 2020


Monitoring Urban Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)

A Glasgow COP26 preview event

Discover new ways your city can measure and adapt to climate change

Join city leaders, policymakers, scientists and businesses from across the world at this Glasgow COP26 preview event hosted by the Global Environmental Monitoring and Measurement (GEMM) Initiative and the City of Glasgow. Invited speakers include internationally-recognized representatives at country and city levels, universities and industry. Check the full programme here.

  • Find out about the latest technologies and modelling techniques to accurately track urban GHG emissions and how these methods can measure and predict the impact of climate policy and planning decisions.
  • Discover how a low-cost, high-density neighbourhood network of air quality sensors can identify specific pollution hot spots and emission sources to help cities provide access to cleaner air for residents.
  • Learn about the costs of purchasing, installing and maintaining an effective network of sensors.
  • Join a global community of cities sharing their challenges, experiences, data and strategies in developing effective city-level policies.

The GEMM Scottish Centre at the University of Strathclyde is partnering with Glasgow City Council; University of California, Berkeley; Stanford University; the Met Office and National Physical Laboratory to illustrate how a dense network of GHGs and air quality sensors in the City of Glasgow can help guide environmental and climate decisions. Urban air sensor networks are operating in the City of Oakland, CA and Glasgow, Scotland as part of a GEMM Initiative international demonstration project. Both networks are tracking levels of GHGs and atmospheric pollutants including carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5), providing new tools to help these cities meet GHG reduction, clean air and environmental justice goals.

Register now for the event on 10 November 2020 to learn more and find out how your city can get involved in the project. For more information contact Clare McLaren at

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