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Centre for Energy Policy: Energy Conversations

27 February 2020


Centre for Energy Policy, University of Strathclyde

Stenhouse Wing, 199 Cathedral Street

Do we have the necessary skilled labour to enable a net zero economy?

In the latest Energy Conversation, the Centre for Energy Policy will be exploring whether we have the necessary skilled labour to enable a net zero economy. With both the UK and the Scottish Government committing to net zero by 2050 and 2045 respectively, the event will look at how a skilled labour force could be crucial in achieving those targets.

Join key figures from across the sector as they discuss:

  • Do we have the necessary skilled labour in place to enable the transition to a net zero economy?
  • What are the necessary changes required to develop and maintain the required labour force?
  • Is the existing time sufficient and what are the timeframes within which we have to act if we are to achieve our goals?
  • Considering the restrictive timeframe, is it worth investing in the development of skilled labour force or would it be preferable to recruit from abroad?
  • What type of policies should be put in place to support the development of skilled labour?

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